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Several people have recently asked what species we are working with.  So here is a quick run down of the different species that we hope to produce this year or next.


Corn Snakes

Emory's Rat Snakes

Kisatchie Rat Snakes

Texas Rat Snakes

Black Rat Snakes

Gray Rat Snakes

Everglades Rat Snakes

Baird's Rat Snakes

Mexican Night Snakes

Rhino Rat Snakes

Japanese Rat Snakes

Leopard Rat Snakes

Bull  Snakes

Mexican Pine Snakes

Cape Gopher Snakes

Black Pine Snakes

Honduran Milk Snakes

Andean Milk Snakes

Nelson's Milk Snakes

Sinaloan Milk Snakes

Pueblan Milk  Snakes

Yukatan Milk Snakes

Black Milk Snakes

Variable King Snakes

Gray Banded King Snakes

Arizona Mountain King Snakes

Sonoran Mountain King Snakes

Californian Mountain King Snakes

Mexican Black King Snakes

California King Snakes

Florida King Snakes

African House Snakes

Western Hognose Snakes

Tri-Color Hognose Snakes

Red Sided Garter Snakes


Ball Pythons

Burmese Pythons

Reticulated Pythons

Dwarf Reticulated Pythons

Angolan Pythons

Woma Pythons

Jungle Carpet Pythons

Irian Jaya Carpet Pythons

Coastal Carpet Pythons

Diamond Pythons

Green Tree Pythons

Rough Scaled Pythons

Macklot's Pythons

Water Pythons

Savu Pythons

White Lipped Pythons

Blood Pythons

Borneo Short Tail Pythons

Sumatran Short Tail Pythons

Spotted Pythons

Children's Pythons

Stimpson's Pythons

Ant Hill Pythons


Colombian Boas

Hog Island Boas

Corn Island Boas

Pearl Island Boas

Suriname Red Tail Boas

Brazilian Short Tail Boas

Argentine Boas

Dumeril's Boas

Brazilian Rainbow Boas

Colombian Rainbow Boas

Amazon Tree Boas

Kenyan Sand Boas

Rosy Boas

Viper Boas

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