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About TWR

TWR came to be from the efforts of two friends that share a vision on offering high quality, captive bred investment grade snakes, as well as docile, first time pets.  Travis and John want to offer inexpensive, healthy, well started babies to beginner keepers while also have investment animals for more experienced keepers.


Travis Whisler brings his fresh ideas, savy business sence, and great customer service to TWR.  He got into reptiles at a very young age and was breeding corn snakes by the time he was out of grade school.  This young kid was soon spending his summer break and weekends working for corn snake breeders like Don Soderberg and Jim Stepflug sponging up information and experience.  It didn't take him long to befriend many of the big names in the reptile industry.


John Stolz has been  the owner/operater of an all reptile pet store since he was 20 years old.  He bring experience with helping customers find the suitable pet.  He plays a key role in the day to day operations of TWR.


Together Travis and John can offer you a pain free, no drama buying experince.

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